Roystonea Lenis


Palm trees grow out my head. Four of them.

They're quite small but difficult to disguise. I wear hats a lot.

When I was born the specialist told my parents not to worry about the root systems being in my brain. He cut the trees down and said that would be that.

They grew back in the spring. Just tiny shoots at first, and eventually

full-blown miniature palm trees. Roystonea Lenis, classic tall, thin trees with a crown of lush palm leaves.      

The hospital stopped felling when I was twelve. It was costing too much. So the teenage years were difficult. Wooden Head, Bonsai, Bark Face, Coco Loco. Not very sophisticated but hurtful all the same. You can imagine. But my parents were supportive.

People find it a challenge to take me seriously. So I work from home – I'm thankful for the internet. But I've found it difficult to make friends, so I don't try now. 

This man is an island. A tropical one.