The Survivor


My brothers and sisters never liked me. It was obvious from the beginning. Three days after I was born they woke me up, stripped me naked, put me in a black bin bag, and left me outside on the front step while our mother slept. She woke to the sound of a troubled bin man knocking on the door. The remainder of my formative years was peppered with slick, calculated attempts on my life. When I was three I was found gagged and tied in an abandoned allotment shed where I was keeping a starving dog company. Aged seven, I was seen being thrown into the River Tyne with a sack of rocks strapped to my ankles. I’ve woken up with pillows in my face, seen my siblings poison my food, been electrocuted, stabbed, hung, shot at, pushed in front of fast moving vehicles, and dropped/pushed from potentially fatal heights. So yes, since you ask, it was a difficult childhood and adulthood hasn’t been any easier. Luckily, I’m a survivor.